About the Author

My name is Raphael, and I am a game master. Not the most experienced one, mind you. I have been playing table-top RPGs since 2009 and GMing since … maye 2012, it is hard to remember. You kind of ease into it.

Give me any game that has interesting mechanics and a fantasy or sci-fi (or both) setting, and I will probably be interested.

Games I’ve played regularly include Das Schwarze Auge 4.1 and Shadowrun 5; there were numerous one-shots including Scion, Engel, and Mistborn. I appreciate games with clean rule sets but I am also known to dig into the details of simulationist mechanics if it pays of for, say, tactical combat.

As a GM, I look for light rule sets – ideally I won’t even roll dice – so I can focus on storytelling, both my own and my players’. If players need their own books, it is probably not for me. I have guided games in the worlds of Numenera and Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors.

I hope to play and lead many more games in the future.
And, eventually, I may try and create my own game based on the Cypher System or Fate, or whatever system tickles my fancy then.

I have a profile on RPGGeek.


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